Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Global Warming and Stories

I had this idea about a post-global-warming story in which New York City has turned into a apocalyptic Venice...

But you know, watching those videos and doing the math on sea level rises, it won't be that much of the city underwater. Sure, it will be terrible in human cost, but in the land of stories it won't look like a radical change.

Then it occurred to me: sea levels won't rise like the water-level in the sink with the faucet dripping. They'll rise along with catastrophic increase in storms, which will destroy barrier islands which will increase storm damage... the rising sea itself may not cover New York, but in the process, New York might get undercut and sink below the waves...

I'm thinking a kind of East-Coast Vash The Stampede.

Saturday, September 04, 2010


I've wanted for a long time to do a story set in a circus. Like, since reading the first few pages of Tim Robbin's another roadside attraction in 1982. Now I'm onto something:

A set of triplets known as "The Three Ems," since they're named Emma, Emily, and Emiliana. I think I stole that from a set of Isabelle's friends, three sisters named Olivia, Cordelia, and Amelia, whom we call "The Ilias." The ringmaster refuses the Ems, until Emiliana suggests they can be target girls (for a knife-thrower). The ringmaster likes this idea: "Children in danger is always good."

Am I too twisted for my own good?